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Hello Tumblr!

A couple of months ago, I visited a local charity and was really inspired to help. I asked what a lot of families come for other than food and shelter. I was told that a lot of families come looking for beds. Joe, the man I spoke to, told me that a lot of families share one bed or sleep on the floor. This practically brought me to tears. People without beds? That’s awful! 

As someone who has never gone without a bed, I was immensely touched and decided I wanted to give a family a bed for Christmas. Especially in colder areas of the United States, nights can be pretty terrible to sleep through without adequate comfort and warmth.  

I don’t have the financial means to donate a bed on my own so I am asking for donations. Whether you can give $5 or $20, all donation amounts are welcome. I would really like to raise about $250 by Christmas to buy a family either a mattress and box springs or a bed frame. 

Please help me, Tumblr. We all love our own beds (because, let’s face it, that’s where we probably spend a lot of our time) so help me give someone else the joy of sleeping in a bed this Christmas. 

Happy Holidays! <3 

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